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    Vehicle license plate and face masking solution

    Solution outline

    Deep network models have been trained on the custom datasets to detect anblur vehicle license plates andhuman face in the wild.
    This solution can be effectively usedfor security and hiding the identity of people in recorded videos.

  • :Vehicle license plate and face blurring
    AI detects and blurs the vehicle license plates and face in the wild
    to hide person identity from the videos

    main features


    Vehicle License Plate and Face Blurring

    • masking_face.gif
    • masking_carNumber.gif

    Accident detection solution

    Solution outline

    The neural network model has been trained on various accident cases for the purpose of
    finding and detecting t he accident instances from videos.
    This solution detect and mark the accident instances  from the full length raw videos recorded from the dash cams.

  • :Accident detection AI detects
    if there are any accident instances
    from the input raw video recorded from the dash cam

    main features


    Accident Detection

    • accidentDetection.gif
    • accidentDetection.gif

    Object detection solution

    Solution outline

    Using data collected through various sensors, images of various objects are recognized and judged,
    and names and characteristics are determined accordingly.

  • : Item recognition using 1-stage detector (YOLO).
    AI detects if there are dangerous items
    in the collected images.

    main features

    object detection

    Object Detection

    • object detection_video1
    • object detection_video2

    Item volume measurement and 3D reconstruction solution

    Solution outline

    It is possible to measure the amount of liquid by calculating the volume of an object 
    with a hidden part by using AI to calculate the invisible part.
    In addition,  by restoring the body in 3D, it is possible to reconstruct lost body parts congenitally or acquired.

  • : Background image object using point cloud,
    image pre-processing process to separate background and object -> 3D object modeling

    main features


    Volume Estimation

    • volume.gif
    • volume.gif

    Fashion style analysis solution

    Solution outline

    In the ever-changing world of fashion, you can find fashion products
    through images and recognize/classify product categories.
    In addition, AI technology helps
    in analyzing social media data to identify trends of influencers and stars.

  • : Detect current user's clothes using AI and analyze
    the color and combination of clothes in the latest trend

    main features


    Fashion Attributes Detection

    • fashion.gif
    • fashion.gif

    Lane Auto Detection Solution

    Solution outline

    Recognize/determine objects such as movement of various objects and obstacles by using data collected through various sensors.
    It helps the driver to drive more safely along the driving route.

  • : I: convert image space to hough space

    main features


    Automatic Road Lane Detection

    • Road Lane Detection_1
    • Road Lane Detection_2

    Data Augmentation and Analysis Solutions

    Solution outline

    In order to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions from cement,
    construction companies can search and connect with companies that operate in an eco-friendly way.
    For cement manufacturers, we have established a system
    that can calculate carbon emissions and predict the amount of raw/subsidiary materials.

  • : After using the oversampling technique (SMOTE, ADASYN)
    to solve the data imbalance problem Utilization of Gaussian noise data augmentation
    to reduce data size gap between data to be compared

    main features


    Regression analysis

    • grenners.gif1
    • grenners.gif2