• Introduction.


    Thank you to everyone who visited our website. We aim to create a better future through 4th industrial revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. We develop artificial intelligence solutions for external partners such as Incheon International Airport Corporation and develop and operate various self-item solutions.

    In addition, as an artificial intelligence data processing supplier for the Ministry of Science and ICT, we are making the best performance in developing products and services that meet the needs of companies in demand.
    Through these technologies, we want to become a warm-hearted technology company that cares for the underprivileged.


    • 2024.03
      - Selected as Legend 50+ Gyeonggi (Future Car)
      by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    • 2024.01
      - Designated as a data voucher supplier
      for 21-24 years by the Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency,
      Ministry of Science and ICT

    • 2023.12
      - Designated as NIPA AI voucher supplier by
      the Ministry of Science and ICT for the years 2022 to 2024

    • 2023.10
      - DB Non-life Insurance Company
      AI Automatic Fault Ratio Judgment System BMT Selected No. 1

      Participated in Singapore Big Data&AI World 2023 exhibition

    • 2023.06
      - Blockchain patent registratio

    • 2023.05
      - Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center
      AI negligence ratio determination system PoC selected
      and designated as an incubator company

    • 2023.04
      - Selected as a global corporate collaboration program (NVIDIA collaboration)
      by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    • 2023.03
      - Selected as KOTRA IKMP (Invest KOREA Market Place)

    • 2023.01
      - Artificial intelligence patent registration

    • 2022.11
      - Designated as a specialized research business
      by the Ministry of Science and ICT

      - Pilot operation of solution for identifying prohibited items (Incheon Airport website)

      - Received the Gyeonggi Regional
      Small and Medium Venture Business Administration Award

    • 2022.08
      - Selected as the 10th TIPA ValueUP program by
      the Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency

    • 2022.03
      - Selected as strategic R&D by Small and
      Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA)

    • 2021.12
      - Designated as incubating company of Seoul Creative Economy & Innovation Center

      - Received the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) Director Award

      - Listed on the Korea Exchange KRX Startup Market

    • 2021.11
      - Participating companies in the 5th
      Korea Youth Day Employment and Startup Festival

      - Participation in the COMEUP Big Star(Dae star)
      Solver Platform King of the Kings competition
      by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

      - Selected as an excellent work-life balance work
      innovation company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

      -Venture Business Association Confirmed
      as a venture company Innovative growth type
    • 2021.10
      - Final selection for the first major-star(dea-star) solver platform
      by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
      (Incheon International Airport Corporation artificial intelligence project)

    • 2021.06
      - Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center ICCE Startup School
      10th grand prize winner and designated as an incubator

    • 2021.05
      - Selected as the 17th K-Global Startup Mentoring (K-ICT Innovative Company Mentoring)
      by the Ministry of Science and ICT

    • 2021.04
      - Selected for K-ICT Big Data Center
      cloud-based data analysis environment support project
      by Korea Intelligence Information Society Promotion Agency

      - Signed MOU on IT technology related to
      the 4th Industrial Revolution with Hanyang University

      - Secured Guarantee for Innovative Company Track
      from Credit Guarantee Fund
    • 2021.03
      - Graduated from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Preliminary Startup Package and
      designated as an incubator by the Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center

    • 2021.02
      - Selected as the 1st Seoul AI Hub Membership Company
    • 2021.01
      - Establishment of KOITA certified artificial intelligence research center
      by Ministry of Science and ICT intelligence research center

    • 2020.11
      - Establishment of AI4Blockchain Co., Ltd.

    AI4Blockchain Inc.'s location

    headquarters • 6층16014 Poil Community center 604, 82 Anyangpangyo-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea,
    Artificial Intelligence Lab • 4층60, Hanyangdaehak-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea