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About Us

Thank you to everyone who visited our website. Our company aims to create a better future through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, and provides non-face-to-face education services and cultural content platform services.

AI4Blockchain is an AI data processing supplier, and with the advice of experts with various business experiences such as social ventures, small business owners, and home shopping, AI4Blockchain produces the best results in the development of product services of demand companies. In addition, we want to become a warm technology company that cares for the underprivileged through the use of the 4th Industrial Revolution technology.

AI is already transforming our environment into a key topic in many areas. In order to maximize the possibility of big data and bring out new values, we believe that artificial intelligence will be essential in the future. In the future, AI4Blockchain will become the world's leading company in data processing and artificial intelligence processing with the development and operation of creative solutions that do not exist in traditional markets.




주소안내 본사: 경기도 군포시 군포첨단산업2로 22번길 5(부곡동) 1254 군포산업진흥원 513호
인공지능 연구소: 경기도 안산시 상록구 한양대학로 60(사동)
전화번호 031-438-7001
팩스번호 0504 282 6680
찾아오시는 방법 한대앞역 2번 출구 -> 도보 약 2.5km